full name of the association; Learn with Grandma.

the chairman´s name; Mrs Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE. Founder & CEO

contact data: valwoodgaiger@byinternet.com  Phone +44 (0) 1550 720994

number of members organisations – Learn with Grandma Groups on Facebook – 25 and many individuals.

date of creation: registered as a not for profit organisation 2012. 

member of EURAG since when 2011

main objectives of the organisation:  


Learn with Grandma is about making the most of the time spent with grandchildren and helping to close the digital age divide, in particular:

  1. To encourage parents & grandparents to instil a love of learning; create lasting memories & have FUN with their grandchildren.

  2. To encourage respect between the generations and the transfer of skills across the generations – older people learning technology skills from their children and grandchildren and younger people learning traditional skills from the older generations – especially skills that would enable older people to retrain for suitable employment and for the younger generation to learn traditional skills that could lead to employment..

  3. To create local & internet support networks for grandparents, parents & children.

  4. To encourage the establishment of social enterprises that would employ young people and those aged 50+.

  5. To work with organisations throughout UK and in other countries to promote our aims internationally.

  6. To create and publish educational material.

Membership in other organisations/networks; I connect & link with many – mostly using Facebook. I concentrate on my mission to bring the generations together to learn & teach across the generations.

My remarks and suggestions:

It would be helpful to have a list of the organisations EURAG, I would also find it easier to find people if your email list was listed alphabetically. Easiest way to achieve direct communication would be to set up a Facebook group so that all members can directly communicate with each other & post relevant information from their country that might be of interest to others.

I can arrange form this to be in part of the Welsh Assembly Building and would invite all Welsh 50+ coordinators & organisations working with older people to attend/give presentations.

Valerie Wood-Gaiger, Wales