Two EURAG members at the AGE AG in Brussels

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Arlette van Assel from Belgium and Moira Allan, representing Old’Up from France, were very happy to find each other in Brussels at the AGE PLATFORM Annual General Meeting that took place on 19/20

november in Brussels. The meeting attracted 75 participants from 23 of the 28 member states of the EU. 

Major items on the agenda were:

  • An outlook on EU policy priorities and what AGE can be expected to contribute to in the upcoming years

  • A campaign to support age-friendly environments and the EU launch of the a covenant on Demographic Change on 7/12/2016 at the Committee of the Regions

  • Policy breakout sessions solicited participant’s inputs on:

    • How to protect rights and equal access to them for all older people

    • How to ensure that the silver economy supports older people’s  rights to equal participation 

At the end of proceedings the final declaration “Toward a better recognition for older people’s rights in the EU” was adopted in which members called on European Institutions, EU Member States, local and regional authorities to mobilise their respective capacities in order to promote and secure the rights of all older women and men residing on their territory. 

AGE recommendations for policy alternatives speak out against the practices that facilitate rights violations against older people and call for rights-based reforms at local, national and EU levels.

While recognising the importance of the cooperation with EU and national policy makers so far, AGE members urge them to support further open and transparent mechanisms for the engagement of civil society in policy making, in order to address the complex realities faced by older people at grass roots level, and to:

1. Apply the existing legal framework and monitor its impact on the rights of older people;

2. Strengthen the legal framework to better protect the rights of older people and eliminate age discrimination; 

3. Acknowledge older people’s rights and ensure they underpin the silver economy to guarantee that its innovation potential is used to meet the specific needs of Europe’s ageing populations.


Kindest regards

Moira and Arlette