Training Our Brains for the Road Ahead


Registration is now open for this professional course sponsored by the New England Chapter of LPN:

Training Our Brains for the Road Ahead

A Certificate Program for Prospective Memory Trainers

July 13 – 17, 2015

First Parish Church, Weston MA


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your professional skills. By understanding how memory works, mastering the strategy of memory training nad memory techniques, you will improve quality of life for yourself and your clients/colleagues/family. As participants, you will experience every exercise yourselves, including the feeling of victory and tangible proofs of mental potential.In reality the fact that you will be able to minimize memory lapses in daily life of your clients as well as your own, it will be only a „side effect“ of your effort.The main benefit is that we are building a new reserve capacity in our brain which can somehow compansate devastating impact of brain injuries, strokes or dementia. After earning the certificate, you will be prepared to help others increase their cognitive skills, thereby gaining self-confidence, self-esteem and promoting self-sufficiency and prolonged independence in the process. You also will be prepared to offer a memory training session for others.


Dana Steinova, Diplomate on the Adult Education of Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, is offering her five-day memory training course pro bono, during her busy two-month stay in the U.S. that will include her presentation at New England’s LPN quarterly meeting on June 26. Dana is a student of neuroscience and a passionate believer in the power of memory training to promote well-being. She has taught this course many times around the world since she created it in 1993. Dana Steinova is also Secretary General of the European Federation of Older Persons (EURAG), a consortium of 156 organizations focused on senior issues in 32 European countries.


Two sessions a day for 5 days — 9:00 am to 12.15 pm; and 1:15 pm to 4.30 pm — on the main floor of the First Parish UU Meeting House at 329 Boston Post Road, Weston MA 02493.


Contact the LPN program organizer, Jan Hively,, for an overview of each day’s program agenda. To receive the certificate, participants cannot miss more than two hours of the program. Here are comments from one graduate, LPN member Moira Allan:

Memory training builds confidence by teaching simple techniques to apply in any situation. As always, we have a choice — to accept progressive memory failure or to apply century-old techniques and stay on top of our world. That’s what I learned as a participant in Dana Steinova’s memory training course in Tallin, Estonia, August 2014.


Thanks to Dana’s offer of pro bono time, LPN will be able to cover the costs by charging LPN members $100 and non-LPN members $150 for the five-day certificate program. The fee will cover room costs, refreshments for the morning and afternoon breaks, printing, etc. For lunch, participants can bring bag lunches, find a restaurant, or chip in for a catered lunch for the group. We can find home stays for LPN members from outside the Greater Boston area and will welcome colleagues from around the country.

A $50 deposit is requested at the time of registration.