Time to do what we can


Bien chères amies, Bien chers amis,

Dans ces terribles moments d’immense douleur et de grande tristesse des individus, des familles, des amis et les Francaises, les Français je suis de tout coeur avec vous. C’est le moment où la parole de la solidarité est a l’épreuve et doit être pleinement vécu. C’est aussi un le moment où il faut que l’Europe se souviens véritablement de ses valeurs et de ses principes, de l’humanité et des droits fondamentaux que nous – chacun et la société entière partageons et que nous devrons défendre avec toutes nos forces.
Très amicalement!
Nous partageons votre peine!

Dirk Jarré, Président d´EURAG

Our dear EURAG members, dear French friends,

Friday the 13th has been always considered a black day when one should not go out not to end with a brick on his head or be overrun by a car, but it has always had a sort of funny conotation too,because it refered to those only who believed in it and I never did, I was born on the 13th….

When I opened the news today I was shocked and could not believe that such an organized disaster could ever happen in a civilized world. And Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where we had such a wonderful time with you only recently,has been selected as a stage for an appalling performance of the islamic radicals….

Words are not strong enough to express my feelings, I only hope that you are all of you alive and safe and that nobody of yours happened to be too close to those seven places where hatred and fanatism got a yield. 

I am positive that every member of  EURAG community is with you in his thoughts right now! Some of them will send a personal note of moral support, I believe. Paris, keep going!

Love from Dana Steinova (Czech Republic-EURAG)

Dear french friends,

let me express my condolences to you, your relatives and to all french people. I cannot believe that such a bloodshed can happen in our century, and especially in a country that friendly opened its border to thousands, if not millions of refugees from all sides of the world. I know, that no word can replace the loss of your friends-citizens of your capital, but be sure, that we, progressists of the C.R. and from other corners of the Earth share with you your sadness. Stand the pain, be strong!

Warm regards from Prague, Miloš Vajs (Czech Republic-EURAG)

Je me joins à votre chaine de solidarité bien entendu. Mais nous sommes bien impuissants face à cette atmosphère si trouble, qui règne sur le monde… Qu’elle réveille notre solidarité et nos valeurs à défendre est au moins une bonne nouvelle. Amicalement

Marie-Françoise Fuchs (France)

Dear EURAG-friends,
our son lives with his family in Paris. He is a teacher on a French-german school. Yesterday he was with our grandson Joshua,12, in the stadium. We are shocked and mourn with the families of the victims and all people in Paris. We’ll go on fighting for peace and pray, that the future will be like granddaughter Jeanne,7, in Paris has painted:

Love and kindest regards Christian Wienberg (Germany-EURAG)

Dear All

Like you I am so shocked by last nights news especially as we had just had such a wonderful meeting in Paris – I stayed on for a few days holiday and delighted in walking round this lovely city – less than a month ago! The sun shone; the buildings & autumn colours were so beautiful. That is how Paris should be; that is how our world should be! Safe not blasted by a tiny minority of haters. My thoughts and prayers are with those of those who have been lost or hurt in this dreadful; wicked act and of their families. God Bless …………Val (Wales-EURAG)

Dear Friends! Dear Colleagues!

I have no words to express my pain and anger. What happened is beyond any human or divine law. Our hearts are with you, dear France! Please, accept  our condolence and compassion. And a lot of love from Ukraine. Sincerely, Galina (Ukraina-EURAG)

Chers amis, 

Cette nuit, à Paris, des attentats ont semé la terreur, faisant plus de 120 morts et plus de 100 blessés graves. Alors qu’un match de football se déroulait entre la France et l’Allemagne, des explosions ont commencé dans Paris et une prise d’otage dans une salle de spectacle. Des jeunes, des familles, des personnes âgées ont été assassinées, assassinées! Je suis en état de choc, effondré, par cette violence et cette haine. Pour moi, dont les parents ont connu la guerre en Allemagne, qui est allé enseigner deux ans en Irak quand j’avais 20 ans, je vois les valeurs de tolérance, de fraternité, de liberté écrasées par des terroristes se réclamant d’une des grandes religions de notre planète. 

Douleurs, tristesse nous assaillent. Mais la haine ne l’emportera pas sur nos valeurs humanistes. Oui, je crois en l’humanité. Merci à tous de partager ces moments, de rester unis.

Très amicalement, Jean-Pierre Bultez

thanks a lot for your messages,
yes we all feel like after a big nightmare..but the problem is that this nightmare is reality!
best regards Monique Epstein (France-EURAG)

Dear EURAG friends,

Thank you so much to all for your condolences and concern.  A Skype call at dawn this morning from my niece in South Africa woke me and broke the news. Since then I have had the tele and radio on seeing and listening with horror to eyewitness accounts, commentators and the images of shocked, scared and incredulous people. The President has declared a state of emergency after these 8 orchestrated attacks that have wiped out at least 153 innocent people. The commentaries are scary « we’re at war ».  The attacks are seen as reprisals for France’s intervention in Syria.  Who can tell where this will lead?


What to do?

With several friends we discussed this issue after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January.

Now 10 months later, the unimaginable has happened, kamikaze terrorists have struck in the heart of Paris. Charlie Hebdo was a specific target. Last night’s nightmare attacks were to terrorize and kill as many innocent members of the public as possible.

We have decided to enroll for the Red Cross’s basic First Aid training as a first step towards becoming part of the civil prevention programme. This will help us to be prepared and to help ourselves and those around us.

We’d welcome your suggestions in answer to the question: what can we do?

Kindest regards, Moira Allan (France-EURAG)