The Association of Retirees and pensioners in Israel or Histadrut Hagimlaim In Israel

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The Association of Retirees and pensioners in Israel or Histadrut Hagimlaim In Israel

Chairman: Mr Gideon Ben Israel

Contact details: E-M or

Tel : 972-3-6921195 fax: 972-3-6921163

Address: 93 Arlosorov st Tel-Aviv Israel 62098

General Federation Of Labor Bldg

Establishment late 60th (20th c), number of members around 70.000 nation

wide. Member of EURAG since 1962.

There are 20 volunteers and 3 secretaries in the headquarter and and another hundreds of volunteers in the branches all over the country.

Every 4 years we have elections on a personal base, not political, for the general assembly and council then for the chairman.

As our organization is the largest in Israel we are also the representative one in our state, and represent the elderly people in most of the organs that have a say in the elderly population’s life. I will bring but few examples. Our organization initiated in the Israeli Parliament(The Cnesset) a special lobby of M.PS who are helping us in the legislation for the benefit of the elderly population or to try and block regulations or legislation which will harm the old people.

Another example we encourage the establishment of special parties which will run to the local municipalities, so far with great success it three of our major cities. We are organizing demonstration against the government policy when we know that certain aspects will bring damage to the older population.

Our budget comes directly from the General Federation Of Labor as we are part of it(Histadrut)

Part B) The burning problems in Israel.

Not in the order of importance 1) The un acceptable gap between rich and poor most of the elderly are in the lower 20-30 % scale of the Israel population. The latest report of the OECD research Department established the fact that Israel is in the first place of poverty.

2) Around 30 % of the elderly population has no pension at all and are getting only basic sum of money from the Social Security Institute.

3) The participation of the government in essential services like health , medicines, welfare insurance is getting les while the population has to pay more.

4) There is a discrimination of age when it comes to getting a steady work after the age of 50. The % of elderly people still in the working cycle is very small. We are in the midst of a struggle to cancel the age of retirement altogether.

Part 3)

Being an important organization as EURAG it can influence a lot in most of the aspects of the lives of the elderly population.

It can done by many ways such as writing letters to the M PS or the relevant minister it can be done by writing directly to us as a letter of support ect.

We held a conference in the past and we are willing to have EURAG council meeting in the future again

 Raziel Zwang vice chairman