Press Release – Communiqué de presse June 3rd, 2020

- President of EURAG Dirk Jarré with Secratary General - anywhere

– President of EURAG Dirk Jarré with Secratary General – anywhere

Press Release – Communiqué de presse    June 3rd, 2020

The European Federation of Older Persons – EURAG –created in 1962, is the oldest European civil society organisation of and for older persons, with membership in 30 European countries. It is a non-profit association,independent of any political parties, which purpose is to promote the quality of life and the participation of older people in society, at all social, economic and political levels.

In its last brief meeting – due to the Corona pandemic by video conference – EURAG members have highlighted, among others, the following issues:

  • Older persons are predominantly represented and treated by the public as a homogeneous group of “frail, helpless and forgetful” people.
  • True is that they are at least as different as members of younger age groups and most of them have remarkable capacities and potentials.
  • Older persons are mainly considered as inactive pensioners who only want to enjoy life and are not interested in learning new things.
  • True is that a majority of them support their family, engage in associations, create networks … and use successfully modern technologies.
  • Older persons are often discriminated against by pretending that they are a burden to society – economically, in the health system, etc.
  • True is that they all have somehow built up our today’s advanced and affluent society, and even continue to contribute strongly to it as consumers, artists, researchers, etc.

We ask the media to live up to their responsibility to consistently convey a correct, differentiated and non-discriminatory image of older persons. Remember: As we go on living, we all hope to reach a high age and want then definitely to be recognized and treated as individual personalities – in a fair, respectful and non-discriminatory manner.


Dirk Jarré-EURAG president                         Dana Steinova-EURAG Secretary General