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Revolutionizing Retirement

 Based in Prague, Dana is also the very active secretary general of EURAG and country liaison for the Pass It On Network. Over the past 30 years she has initiated a wide variety of programs including the U3A movement in the Czech Republic (1986), reciprocal senior student exchanges with more than 42 exchanges within its first 10 years (1991) and founding the first intergenerational non-vocational “University of Free Time” (1993) in the Czech Republic.  She is fascinated by neuroscience and has been deeply involved with memory training since 1993.On the fourth Tuesday of every month, Dori Mintzer, founder of Revolutionize Retirement, conducts an hour-long phone interview from Boston with a different expert to explore “what’s next”.  Her free monthly call this October was with Dana Steinova (right), who travels the world training memory trainers.

Dana says that one unique way to help seniors feel great about themselves is via memory training. 

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