Message of the President of EURAG


Dear Members and Friends of the European Federation of Older Persons!

Another good year for EURAG comes to an end. We had two well-attended and successful General Council sessions in Spring in Berlin and in Autumn in Paris where we discussed intensely new orientations of EURAG and corresponding policies. Both meetings were surrounded by most pleasant side-programmes offered by our respective hosting member organisations. They promoted so much internal communication, the sense of cohesion and solidarity between our members.

Our contributions to the EU research project “Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing”, SIforAGE, have been very substantial and highly valued by the partners of the project. Together with the UN NGO Committee on Ageing Vienna we have produced a publication titled “Recommendations for Decision Makers to Promote Active Ageing”. It contains 31 comments and recommendations addressing 7 different issue areas where good governance and action are needed to improve the situation of older persons in our society.

I strongly recommend that you use this publication to lobby decision makers in relevant sectors at all levels – and that you share it widely with your relatives and friends in order to promote common reflection. You can find the publication under the link “News – AGE”.

It might also interest you that EURAG is again represented by its president in the UNECE “Working Group on Ageing” for another mandate period of two years. This is very important as the Bureau of the Working Group will prepare the 3rd UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing to take place in Autumn 2017 in Istanbul. EURAG has also been successful in proposing Dirk Jarré as Delegate for the “Consultative Committee on Industrial Change” of the European Economic and Social Committee where he will serve for the coming years in working on opinions to influence the organs of the European Union in their industry and services related policies.

Finally I wish you personally, as well as your families and friends, a very pleasant and peaceful rest of the year. Thus I send you Seasons’ Greetings and hope that you all have a joyful and optimistic start into the New Year 2016.

Kronberg, 01 December 2015
Dirk Jarré, President of EURAG