Memory training Nepal


Ageing Nepal is privileged for the opportunity to organise the first ever memory Trainer’s Training in Nepal, 6-10 July 2013, Kathmandu, with focus on enhancing the memory power in later life. Ms. Dana Steinova, Head of Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging, EURAG, not only took the initiative to create a core tem of Memory Trainers in Nepal but also travelled all the way from Prague, Czech Republic, bearing all the costs involved on her own. We all trainees and Ageing Nepal is deeply obliged to and appreciative of her commitment for enhancing the quality of elders’ life across the globe.
I would like to record our deep appreciation of Mr. Eric Reid, 84, who travelled all the way to Nepal only to work hard for a week as a Memory Trainer. Eric has been working for the wellbeing of older people in Europe for over a decade. His contribution to Ageing Nepal and entire senior citizens of Nepal would remain momentous.
I also take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude to all staff members of Ageing Nepal for their hard work, support and cooperation during the training programme. I would also like to congratulate to all the participant trainers for their successful completion of the training course and wish for their better performance in the days ahead.
I am also thankful to Mr. Ashish T. Magar, Programme Officer of Ageing Nepal and the trainee, for his hard work in making the Training a success and his dedication in preparing this report.
Krishna M. Gautam, Founder Chairperson, Ageing Nepal

Memory course Nepal report