Memory training as an effective tool against social exclusion


Memory training as an effective tool against social exclusion

Dana Steinova EURAG Memory Training Center,Prague,Czech Republic

Evolution of the human brain is accomplished around the age of 25. Since then the function of our brain starts to deteriorate. In the beginning it is very inconspicuous but gradually memory lapses are getting more pronounced and people start to worry if it is not a case of an onset of some neurodegenerative disease.

People start to observe themselves and every memory failure contributes to decrease of their self-confidence,they start to underestimate their mental potential and it does affect negatively their well being. Some of them stop to trust to their own memory to such point that they even do not try to remember new information and start to rely on memory of someone else.Something like:“If I need it I will come to you and ask you..“

Fortunately there is an easy help.It is called memory training. Memory trainers are able to convince people within a very short time that they still have a great mental potential and that they have been only underestimating their own cognitive skills for a long time.

How is it possible? They are using magic tools called mnemonics, which are simple and very effective. Once people realize that they are able to remember something which the rest of population is doubtful that it is feasable, they start to approach any new information with positive expectation and it does affect the result.They do remember better!And as a consequence of that they are more self-confident and happier.



Dana Steinova, EURAG Secretary General

Head of Prague Senior Council

Head of Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging

Head of Active