Information about the Centar HALO za POMOĆ , Split


Our organisation was established in Split, in accordance with the Law on CSOs in Croatia, with an aim to develop and to provide different social services for elder and/or disabled persons, and other people in need. For more than 12 years, our organisation successfully promotes the humanitarian and philanthropic concept of living and also voluntary work in this part of the world.

Our main program is: Social TeleCare for elderly and disable persons living alone – what is basic right and a really wish of more than 90% of people. This program iclude one 24hours Monitoring service a day – 365 days a year – and enables people, especially older and more vulnerable individuals, to live independently and secure in their own home.  Our user are also the persons with other kind of disability, imobility or desease such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s desease etc. Social Telecare service give also peace of mind to family, friends and carers, knowing that when they are unable to watch over their loved ones, telecare will. It can also include location possibility – and can be used to enable an individual to have security outside of their home. It can be as simple as the basic social alarm service, it can include sensors and triggers such as motion or fall detectors and fire and gas alarms,.. In practice we give to our customers our devices with one social alarm button which can be worn as a pendant or wristband, and is used for any situation at home when a person needs help and cannot reach a telephone. When they put this button they can be sure – not be left to deal with a situation alone! We are always ready to organize the help – which needed (our poster is enclosed).

The results: Since 2002. in program was included over 700 people, average age 80 years. They are with their SOS handsender (as symbol of security – on touch) lived longer than the average nine years in his apartment. and over 1000 times they get help when our center had unexpected health problems, mostly falls. In the programme are constantly include about 100 users.

Through 24hours monitoring service reduce serious and in many cases tragical consequences of falls which puts those people in the most depending position and give them hope and chance to live better and with dignity in their own homes.  

For all of this, we appreciate a lot a fact that we might share the same interests and social concept of living in this part of Europe. Therefore we are looking for partners who will support the introducing of our  Social TeleCare Program in other friendly countries – as one of the examples of good practice.

As the Member of EURAG – we are hoping to achieve some qualitative cooperation with similar organizations, institutions or network they were interested for providing this kind of social services for old and disabled persons living alone in their homes or in the field of the other non-institutional social services.

We stay with respect.

Centar HALO za POMOĆ (Hello for Help)

President, Mrs Petra Vucemilovic