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full name of the association; 2Young2Retire-Europe – Cercle des Seniors Actifs

the chairman´s name; Moira ALLAN

contact details :

Telephone : +33 699 527 374 Address: 11, rue du Champ de Mars, 75007 PARIS.

number of members organisations and individuals: 25

date of creation: November 2007

member of EURAG since July 2014

main objectives of the organisation; To be a centre for rallying and spreading all types of initiatives and innovations to show how people in Europe and throughout the world are adapting to the longer life span, with the accent on discovering and showcasing low cost, self-help programs. To this end the association co-founded the “Pass It On Network” with Dr Jan Hively of the USA.

description of its work and of special programmes: Meetings with the public, meetings with members, transition workshops, international teleconferences and development of the Pass It On Network.

number of persons employed and of volunteers: No paid employees. Volunteers depend on the nature of the project – we mobilise up to 40 people in a year

main sources of financing: membership fees, personal contributions

membership in other organisations/networks; International Longevity Centre–France, Old’Up, E-Seniors. Life Planning Network (LPN) Network (USA).

Regular attendance of the National Assembly’s Parliamentary “Groupe d’études sur les Enjeux du Vieillissement”.

Issues facing the aging population in France include seniors caring for their even more senior parents, lack of social recognition and meaning in their lives, ageism in the workplace, financial insecurity and finding affordable accommodation for healthy, independent seniors.

After analysis of the results received from all member countries of the question above, EURAG could see which one, two or three issues were of major concern in the majority of countries and, working with the SHARE statistics, organize cross-country debate. Such a debate would expose the issue and invite all member countries to share what they and their countries are doing in this regard. This could lead to discovering innovative ideas and their being applied in different countries.

We will be working with the three other EURAG members in France to organize the October 2015 EURAG General Council meeting.