Eurag-Russia 2019


Dear EURAG members and friends,

Our dreams have been fulfilled. The delegation of our President Dirk Jarré and vice-president Miloš Vajs flew to Russia in order to discuss the organizing of the Conference and GC meeting in September 2019 in Moscow. This way EURAG satisfied the wish of the Russian member – the Union of Pensioners of Russia – to host the upper delegation of EURAG on their territory with the goal of convincing the Russian authorities of the correctness of their decision.

Most of the talks took place at the Federation‘s House of Council (the Upper Chamber) where we met, respectively, with the President of the Union of Pensioners, Mr. V.Riazanskiy, and the Chairman of the International Committee, Mr. Kosatchevyj, and where Mr. Dirk Jarré delivered an interview with the Federation‘s TV Channel. The next part of the discussions continued with the First Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russian Federation, Mr. Vovtchenko.

Their invitation to participate in a regular session of the Social Committee of the Federation‘s Council which we received the following day should be percieved as a gesture of great trust. Furthermore, Mr. Dirk Jarré gave a very emotional and factual speech about EURAG, its principles and goals – past and future. He emphasized its role in protecting older people and their rights. About 50 members of the Committee headed by President Mr. Riazanskiy rewarded him with a long applause.

A very challenging but mutually rewarding discussion took place with the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the City of Moscow, Mr. V.Petrosyan, and his team. During that time, Mr. Vajs provided them with a more detailed overview of EURAG, its structure and the composition of its membership base.

A more informal meeting took place with one of Moscow’s pensioners organizations in Chimki. We received a very hearty welcome with the traditional „bread and salt“ accompanied by a dance and a breathtaking choral singing. This event concluded the two-day visit of our delegation.

During our short stay we had a chance to truly appreciate the saying of „open Russian soul“ and meet with some Russian pensioners who crearly have the same or very similar challenges and needs as the pensioners in Europe. We opened a way to a better understanding and future cooperation.

In conclusion, the Conference and GC meeting in Moscow followed by a 5-day Memory Training given by Dana Steinova were sanctified by all institutions and their Chairmans. We can now all look forward to the meeting in September 2019 in Moscow, one of the greenest and friendliest cities in Europe.

Miloslav Vajs

Vice-president EURAG