Dear EURAG members,

We ask you kindly to pay special attention to this letter. Its aim is to obtain basic information about your national organization that is a member of EURAG, about the area and the objectives of its activities and the problems seniors meet in their daily life, to mention just some issues. Your answers will help us to better map EURAG’s membership, to get an overview of older persons’ situation in the different countries where we have members and to see what possibilities for efficient EURAG assistance might be thinkable in case that such assistance might be needed.

As you know EURAG is presently in the process of setting up a new website. The information provided by your organisation will be published subsequently on this new website with the intention to give a basic idea to all EURAG members as well as to other interested parties on what EURAG and its membership are all about. Also news focussing on our common organisation, on our strategies and action, on cooperation with public and private partners, on important events and interesting information sources as well as the EURAG newsletter will be displayed there.

Our present questionnaire contains three parts – the first part refers to the organisation you represent or you are a member of and its characteristics; the second part concerns the situation of older persons in your country; the third part addresses enhanced cooperation between your organisation and EURAG

Now to the questionnaire:

Part I: Please provide comprehensive information on your organisation: full name of the association; the chairman´s name; contact details; number of members organisations and individuals; date of creation; member of EURAG since when; main objectives of the organisation; description of its work and of special programmes; number of persons employed and of volunteers; main sources of financing; membership in other organisations/networks; used ways and means to influence ageing policies and to improve the living situation of older persons; other information on your organisation that seems to be relevant.

Part II: Please provide us with a brief description (no more than 15 lines) of the burning problems of older persons in your country (for example in the domains of legislation, housing, health care, pensions, employment, transportation, discrimination, participation in society, etcetera).

Part III: (a) You may here add an indication on issues where you think that a supportive intervention of EURAG might be useful or even necessary. Please specify how that could be done. (b) Finally we would like to know whether your organisation would be willing to invite EURAG to hold, with your support, a General Council meeting in your country – perhaps and preferably in conjunction with a national conference on ageing issues.

We would like to thank you for your kind co-operation and the time given to this questionnaire.

Warm regards,

Dirk Jarré – President of EURAG Miloslav Vajs – Vice-President of EURAG