Milos Vajs

Milos Vajs

It is not just the older people in Europe that consider the UK as part of the EU and recognize its role as an integral, reliable and strong country that can influence and actively contribute to the decision-making processes related to the elderly. It is therefore not surprising that in the process of BREXIT, there are rising fears, possibly legitimate, that the abandoning of the European community will affect the position of older people in Europe and especially in the UK.

Many of our older citizens decided, at the time of enlargement of the EU, to move to the UK where they found friendly laws and the possibility of spending a well-deserved retirement with a decent quality of life, and many of them continued their working activities, and thus contributed to the growth of the UK economy.

Our fears may seem unfounded and false, but we consider it necessary to raise our voice now at a point when it is still possible to influence decision-making and law-making creators in order to ensure proper living conditions for a peaceful old age for those who have found their second home in the UK. BREXIT should in no way affect their status quo and we call upon everyone concerned who support older people across Europe, to pay heed to this call and to help create an environment that adequately reflects this advanced, democratic country after it leaves the EU.

Miloslav Vajs

Vice president EURAG