• European Federation of Older Persons
  • Fédération Européenne des Personnes Agées
  • Federazione Europea delle Persone Anziane
  • Bund der älteren Generation Europas


Secretary General
Ing. Dana Steinova
Leckova 1520
CZ 14900 Praha 4

President: Dirk Jarré



Foundation: 1962
Seat: Luxembourg
Members: organisations for and of elderly people and individual members
Countries: 28 in Europe


EURAG is a non-profit and non-religious European organisation independent of any political parties. Its purpose is to promote the quality of life of older persons in society, at all social and political levels, advocating in particular:

  • The maintenance of an independent, self-determined life
  • Strengthening participation and integration in society
  • The full development of their potential
  • The promotion of self-help activities
  • Improving older persons’ living situation
  • Helping to conceive and design age-friendly products and services
  • Promoting rights to receive care and in related decision-making
  • The safeguarding of financial security and appropriate housing
  • The representation of older persons’ interests in society at large
  • The prevention of any kind of discrimination on grounds of age

EURAG especially promotes the co-ordination, collaboration and exchange of opinions by its members with expert and service organisations, self-help groups as well as with individuals possessing special expertise.

Unique position

Even though there are other umbrella organisations for and of older persons in Europe representing the interests of older citizens, EURAG is quite special . Not only is it the oldest and most extended umbrella organisation for older persons but it also prides with the following special characteristics:

  • a culture of exchange (of people and information) and learning from each others knowledge
  • special experience and opinions on strategies promoting civil dialogue
  • a climate favouring discussion and dialogue as in a well functioning family, respecting each other and valuing each others position

In defending the interests of older persons EURAG works together with the AGE Platform Europe and other European civil society organisations. EURAG is a member of AGE Europe since 2009, of the European Social Platform since 1998 and has participatory status with the Council of Europe as well as consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1984.

The modest level of membership fee makes it possible for low budget organisations to be members. Many older persons and organisations for older persons do not have the possibility to pay a large fee. Therefore EURAG organises seminars, symposia and alike events in the different countries with the support of partner organisations in those countries.

EURAG’s strength resides in the fact that it is a flexible network operating with many volunteers who freely donate their time, knowledge and services to the objectives of the organisation.

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